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Unleashing The Power Of Youtube Playlists For Marketing

Youtube Marketing

Playlists are an amazing feature of YouTube when it comes to marketing. Sadly, they are often ignored by most marketers as they do not know their advantages. But, the one who knows their worth always uses them for marketing their business on YouTube.

Playlists typically group similar videos that a person can watch one after the other. It’s hard to know their worth by simply glancing at them. Here you will get to know how they can benefit you for marketing purposes.

Top Benefits Of Youtube Playlists

Better Ranking

YouTube’s ranking algorithm has a strong link with watch time. YouTube along with determining the period your video was watched by a user also checks how long the user remains on YouTube after watching your video.

Now playlists help a lot in this case to increase your ranking. When a user watches your video that is in a playlist, they will sit back and watch the next video that automatically plays related to the previous one in the playlist. In this case, the time the user spends on YouTube after watching your video gets extended which leads to better ranking for you.

More Ranking Chances

Playlists along with appearing on your channel also appear on YouTube as well as Google’s searches. Another place where they appear is the suggested video section on these websites.

You’d love to see one of your videos in the suggested video section, right? What if a whole playlist with loads of your videos appear in that section? That would be more fantastic and helpful in getting views on your content.

Increasing Views

You can add yours as well as other people’s videos in a single playlist. This means you can compile a playlist comprising of your videos that have lesser views along with someone else’s popular videos. This will surely get you some views on your unpopular videos.

When someone will head over to the playlist to watch those popular videos, chances are that they might stumble upon yours as well and end up watching them.

Targeting New Keywords

New keywords can be targeted using playlists. How?

For example, you have several videos having their titles like “How to create a YouTube account” or “How to monetize your videos” etc. you can create a playlist which can be names as “video marketing techniques and guides“. This will add up another keyword that can lead people to your videos.

How to optimize your playlists?

Giving An Intro

If the playlist needs some context then giving a short introductory video is something you might consider to make an effective playlist. This will let people know the real purpose of the playlist without starting with a random video and judging themselves.


Create an attractive title for your playlist along with a useful description that states the real purpose of the playlist. Put the keywords you want to be targeted in the description.

Promoting Your Playlist

Playlists can also be promoted just like individual YouTube videos by sharing it on your social media profiles, sending direct links to your friends, and allowing comments.

Also keep your playlists updated as whenever you will upload a new video to the playlist, it will show up in feed which will engage more people.

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