All about Yooying – Instagram Web Viewer Review


Instagram is a renowned photo and video sharing website available for iOS and Android-based smartphones. The website was launched in 2010 and was later on bought by Facebook in 2012, while still branding it as a standalone platform.

At present, about 800 million users are registered on Instagram out of which 500 million users are active on the application daily.

Instagram was launched as a mobile application to capture photos and videos, put filters on them, and share them with your Instagram followers. But now, unofficial web viewers of Instagram have stepped into the market with a blast which allows users to use almost all of the features of Instagram on web browsers just like the mobile application.

These online web viewers can show profiles of renowned celebrities, brands, and enable users to search the popular hashtags and even posts from people that neither you are following nor they are following you.

An incredible web viewer named Yooying has recently become popular in Instagram users that like to browse the site through their web browsers instead of the mobile application. Here is a complete review of Yooying.


Yooying, a third-party Instagram web viewer uses the Instagram API and picks the most popular hashtags and interesting profiles and helps marketers to understand their Instagram community. It allows them to engage with their followers and also enables them to find new followers on Instagram.

Yooying is a great option when it comes to browsing Instagram through online web browsers as it allows you to easily search among millions of Instagram users, places, and even more with a single click.

There are numerous popular categories on Yooying to choose from such as fashion, home d├ęcor, travel, art, girls, humor, cars and more. These categories can help you find the best suitable content of your choice. You just need to follow the Instagram accounts lying under your favorite category to get regular posts of the content you fancy.

When a picture is opened using Yooying’s Instagram web browser, users can see the likes and comments of it along with all other posts made by the user with a single click on their profile.

Another great feature of Yooying is that the photos available in the feeds of Instagram users can also be shared directly to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Reddit. Just select that you would like to be seen by your friends on social media platforms other than Instagram and share it by clicking the share button.


Yooying can be called great due to its simplicity as it is a very basic Instagram web viewer that can only show you some pictures from celebrities, some popular hashtags, etc. but is not able to do much like other Instagram web viewers.

All in all, Yooying is good for basic functions to be performed but if somebody is looking for some additional features that they are unable to find in Yooying, they should head over to other popular Instagram web viewers such as Webstagram and

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