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Guide to Write a Professional Guest Blog Post

Content writers whether beginner or professional always need to be on their toes to create new and fresh content. They need to make sure their writing skill is up to the mark and should always keep themselves up to date with the latest in the market. Professional content writers have this amazing talent to create interesting pieces, which grabs the attention of the reader. But, how to achieve that level of professionalism? Here are 10 secrets of Professional guest post Writers which they use to create content that is hit amongst the masses.  

Always find Write for us Ideas

As a writer of guest posts, you will always get new ideas at weird places. Sometimes you might be in the shower and get an idea of posting something different. Whenever and whatever the idea is, the best advice is to always write the idea down. Keep a notebook handy for the purpose, or you can also create notes in your phone. The main purpose of writing is to make sure you do not forget them later on. You can also write down key pointers or the research you need to do for that particular piece. 

Try to research on facts before posting Guest Post

A lot of articles have facts and figures in them too. A good content writer also has to be a good data researcher. Before you post any statistics, it is important to make a quick background check. Doing so, you can ensure you are not writing anything wrong in your article. Also, it also keeps you informed on the stats and facts. You can also include research reference at the end of your guest post article so that if anybody else wants to read up, they can easily click on that particular link. 

Don’t cover too much or too little

It is very hard but important to match the length and depth of your piece. Sometimes, writers cover so much on a particular topic which is unnecessary. Some topics require a lot of details to be written about them. When such situation rise, you need to pay attention to every little detail and make sure you are not missing out on anything. If you have a limitation on words, you can just mention the key points either in form of bullets, so that they may get across the reader and later on they can use it to research more. 

Use proper tools to schedule your posts

Professional content writers always use professional tools to create, store and schedule their posts and content. Google +1 and Evernote are two of the most commonly used platforms for the aforementioned purposes. In tools like Evernote, you can easily schedule your posts without having to post it on the day. So, for instance you work on the weekend, you can easily schedule one post for the rest of the week and will not have to manually do that. These tools also give an idea about the latest content that is trending and tips on how to improve yours. 

Do not copy or plagiarize

To become an effective content writer, you need to find your own unique way to represent your words. It is so easy to copy anyone else, but it is extremely unethical and unprofessional. It is okay to be inspired from someone else’s work. Like, you may like someone way of taking pictures, or the way they engage users, but do not plagiarize it point blank. You content should also not be spun or copied from the internet. 

Add a catchy title 

The title is what a lot of readers see first and then will click on the link. It needs to be catchy, but also unique. If it is the same old and copied title, there is a high chance user will skip it. It can also contain the main keyword of your text that you will be using. 

Proper Introduction is Necessary

Before you start writing the main body, it is important to always add a small introduction which can explain about the title and what you are trying to convey. It can also contain some of the main points that you will cover in your article and what the readers may expect. The introduction should not be robotic, but warm and welcoming. 


Similarly, a conclusion is important to add at the end as it will contain all the main takeaway points for the readers. Sometimes, the readers might not be able to completely read the long paragraphs, so if you add core points of your decision at the end, the reader will be able to connect with the article in a better way, and that conclusion also stays in their head. 

Focus a lot on editing and Proof-reading

Having an article with a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes put a really bad impression on the readers. Specially, if any professional reads you article, it can lead to a negative effect. Professional writer spend a lot of time and energy on editing. They hire people to edit and proof read their content as well. There are also specific tools that are created just for the purpose. One very commonly used is called Grammarly, which identifies grammar mistakes as you type and you can easily edit them. 

Promote content well

So now that you have written, edited and published your article. The next step is to market and promote your content well. Maybe not everybody knows about your website and cannot open it by themselves. When you promote it across different social media platforms, people can actually locate it easily and open it. Not only will that help boost your traffic but also increase engagement. People might also share it across their social media sites, which will improve the traffic further. 

To be a good content writer, you need to continuously improve and work on your skillset and make sure you research and go through your content well and then publish. It might take a while, but once your words resonate with people you will start to improve.