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Twitter Marketing in 2019 – The Ultimate Guide

Twitter Marketing in 2019

Twitter marketing strategy is a goal that involves creating, publishing, and supplying contents for your would-be buyers, influencers, audiences, and followers on the social media platform. Twitter may just be a social media platform, but never underestimate the potential it has in creating awareness about your brand. Indeed twitter is the platform that will increase your visibility, thus making your occupation to nourish.

But what do you need to do right to gain the fruits of successful marketing while on twitter? Well, this article will lay bare to you five things that you need to do right and witness the positivity of twitter over other social media networks. Here are the things;

1.  Customize Your Profile To Match Your Brand

Before anyone reads or buy your product, they will care to know your identity. Take your time and make an enticing profile that will lure follower to you as well as having them glued to your channel. It makes sense when your username matches your Twitter handle name. The header on your twitter profile photo should be perfect because it’s the background your readers see.

Even with the 160-character space that twitter provides, make an engaging bio to tell your readers whom you are. Ensure that you write your location, brand, and never forget to include your website. If the twitter profile is for an individual, make sure you enter the birthday, but for a company, you can indicate the day of its inception as the birthday.

2.  Make Twitter List

In twitter, you will be following people and companies from every walk of life, so classifying them will make your work easy. Make a category so that you can see only what you want to see. Remember, after creating lists, you will only see tweets coming from accounts within your list. This measure will help you save time and reduce confusion that comes when posts from every account displays.

3.  Be A Host To Twitter Chat

Select a topic and host a twitter chat to engage your followers. It isn’t a simple assignment, but it’s worth your time. Decide on the topic, make a date and time for the chat event. The preparation for the event may require you to use hashtags related to the topic.

Encourage your followers to retweet your post about the chat so that you can find a sizable audience. Hosting chats will enable you to get more followers as well as binding you with the existing followers. Besides, the chats may trend, thus improving your visibility.

4.  Plan To Advertise On Twitter

With more than a billion people using twitter, you shouldn’t live in a lonely planet with few followers. Promotion of your account will make the difference. Inasmuch as we want things to happen naturally, getting a head-start through advertisement is what you need to invest in for you to grow your audience.

5.  Get Your Account Verified

Most people take serious accounts with the white tick in a blue background. A verified account is essential, especially when your account has identical names with other users. With a verified account, you will attract more followers because the trust is high.

Before you apply for verification, ensure that your account falls within industries like music, politics, sports, and media. Other accounts that twitter can be verified include religion, business, and fashion.

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