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Twitter Hashtags – Guide to Finding and Using the Right Ones

Twitter Hashtags Guide

A hashtag is any word that is written closely after the symbol “#” to help index keywords and main topics on twitter. Since hashtag was founded in 2007, it has displayed its usefulness when it comes to optimizing tweets. The use of hashtags is currently not restricted to twitter alone, but other social media networks like Instagram use it for the same goal.

Hashtags are essential when it comes to grouping and categorization of topics on twitter. It makes it easy for twitter users to follow conversations without having to click the account. Research that twitter conducted established that tweets with at most two hashtags attract more engagements than tweets without them.

When Should One Use A Hashtag On Twitter?

Twitter recommends that not more than two hashtags shouldn’t be used in a single tweet. When you use more than two hashtags in one tweet, you will lower the engagements and clicks that the post attracts. However, you are free to use as many hashtags as you wish and at any given time.

The meaningful use of hashtag will target the topic of your interest. The use of hashtag will give your tweets the chance to attract a wider audience. The ultimate use of hashtags should depend on these aspects;

Themes: #MondayWisdom

Events: #ObamaInAfrica

Items: #Tobacco

Verbs: #Singing

Places: #Russia

Industry terminologies: #Socialmedia

When should one use a hashtag?

As already mentioned, twitter will never stop you from using hashtags, but the result will be different if you wrongfully use the tool. If you want to bring traffic to your website with the help of an advert; don’t use hashtags. Mentions are equally not precise in helping to generate traffic to your website.

Twitter revealed that copies without hashtags and mentions are likely to fetch 23% clicks than those with such tools.

How To Find Popular Hashtags

It makes no sense using a hashtag that no one will search or see. The tool is not a decoration in posts, thus should be used to achieve a specific purpose. Here are the tools that will notify you whatever is trending.

1.  Twitter

For you to know popular hashtag, you just need to check the left-hand sidebar beneath your profile. You will find a list of ten things that are trending depending on the country you have listed in your settings. However, not every trend comes because of hashtags; some are popular topics thus come naturally.

2.  Hashtagify

This is another tool that will help you to detect trends and popular hashtags the same way Twitter does. It will help you to discover trending hashtags customized according to specific time frames.

3.  Trendsmap

It will help you to identify trending hashtags globally. When you click a word on the map, you will obtain results for each location.

How To Use A Relevant Hashtag On Twitter

Now that you know the best way to find hashtags on twitter, you also need to understand how your hashtags can be helpful for your mission. Here are the ways that you can use the most appropriate hashtags in your missions;

·         Identify the meaning of all the existing hashtags

·         Monitor hashtags other influencers are using

·         For your own sake, create unique hashtags

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