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Tools That Can Get You Free Youtube Subscribers

Youtube Subscribers

Yes, getting YouTube subscribers for free is possible! The most asked question by new YouTubers is now going to be answered.

There are several services available on the internet that let you gain free YouTube subscribers in exchange for something. Well, they certainly don’t charge money. Each service has its policy. They might ask you to subscribe to certain YouTube channels to get free subscribers on your channel. This isn’t a tough job and you just can’t get anything for totally free.

Hence, you can trust the following sites and their policies to get yourself some subscribers on your YouTube channel. The description of each website and what you will be asked to do is mentioned. Decide which one you want to use to grow your channel!

Top Free Tools To Get Youtube Subscribers

1. Followlike

Followlike is a tool that provides likes, followers, tweets, views and subscribers on major social media platforms. It can get you up to 400+ in only 2 days. How does it work?

You need to sign up at After signing up, you will instantly receive 100 coins. You need to select YouTube Subscribers when you are asked what service you would like to get. The process is simple. Paste your channel link in the URL box. Use your coins to get your first free subscribers. Later you can get more coins by liking, subscribing or doing similar assignments.

2. Linkcollider

Linkcollider is another great tool that lets you get free YouTube subscribers. The process is straightforward. Sign up on with your email address or Facebook ID. Confirm your email address if you have signed up using it. Add your YouTube channel on the site after getting to your dashboard. In reward token option, set the tokens that will be given to the person who subscribes your channel and press submit.

3. Traffup

Traffup works on a point-exchange system.

Free subscribers that you gain through this site cost you points. Points can be easily earned by subscribing to other YouTube channels, liking videos and inviting other people to join the website.

Earn points by subscribing to various channels and utilize these points to get free subscribers for your channel.

Simply sign up and add your profile. Follow the simple process and you’ll understand how Traffup works.

4. Like4Like

Like4like is another great site that can help you get subscribers on your YouTube channel by “liking” content through the website. This site is convenient to use with a huge amount of active users to exchange likes with to get subscribers on your channel. Like all the above sites, Like4Like is also totally free.

Just sign up to and verify your email address. After successfully logging in, go to the Social Media Exchange option. Hit the service you want to acquire (YouTube Subscribers in the present case). Now you need to collect credits. The more credits you collect. The more YouTube subscribers you get.

After collecting some credits, add your YouTube channel via URL. Wait for some moments and then check your channel. You will notice the subscribers have increased.

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