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The Future Of Ai-assisted Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Back in 1950, the renowned computer scientist Alan Turing wrote a research paper on Computer machinery and Intelligence. Nowadays, that idea has turned into an invention termed as Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence, created by human beings, is expected to surprise us with our dependency on it in the future in all fields of life. As AI can be used to make machines learn new information automatically from various insights and usage data, it can overwhelmingly play a vital role in everyday life soon.

Talking about utilizing Artificial Intelligence in social media marketing, it can serve as a huge helping hand in instant progress in businesses of social media marketers.

Can Social Media Marketers Rely On Ai Soon?

Social Media Marketing
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About 2.7 billion people use social media platforms. With new technologies releasing day by day, these numbers are going to increase rapidly in no time. Artificial intelligence, doing most of the work automatically, saves modern-day marketers from a lot of hassle.

Why Ai Should Be Used In Social Media Marketing?

Marketing with Artificial Intelligence enabled provides a more human sort of interaction with the users. For example, chatbots used by Facebook respond just like human beings in conventional languages.

Modern-day social media marketers can use AI to their advantage for gaining the following information and then utilizing it to perform targeted advertisement:

  • How long a user is online daily?
  • Which social media platform is used quite often by the user?
  • What does the user use that particular social media for?
  • What form of the content does the user consume?
  • Which brands or products get the most visibility from the user through social media?

After getting all this information, social media marketers can build strategies based on this information which will surely boost the offer acceptance and customer engaging rate.

The Present State Of Ai In Social Media Platforms

The renowned social media platform Facebook bought an AI-based startup named Ozlo in 2017 which claims to be the index of knowledge regarding the real world. Ozla has claimed to successfully answer questions related to movies and restaurants and so on asked by the users.

LinkedIn, the popular job-finding platform uses Artificial Intelligent techniques to help its users create better profiles by helping them to tune their work experiences based on industrial suggestions.

Twitter also used, in 2016, AI to show the most relevant tweets on the timeline on the user after acquiring previous activity data and the kinds of tweets that engaged them by replying or retweeting. Another AI feature used by Twitter crops an image automatically using face detection technology.

How Ai Can Assist Social Media Marketers?

AI can assist the modern-day social media marketers by creating AI-based content. This can be used to acquire daily based usage data of the user to feature ads based on their interest.

AI can serve as a great assistant when it comes to round-the-clock online presence. Chatbots powered by AI can answer all the queries of users 24/7 with instant replies.

The targeted advertisement is so far the best feature that can be acquired using AI. All the activities of users can be utilized to show them the ads of the best products and services on their Facebook news feed and other social media platform timelines.

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