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All About Piknu – Instagram Web Viewer Review


Instagram is a popular platform where users can share photos and videos on the go. The application is available for iOS and Android-based smartphones. Instagram was initially launched in the year 2010. Later on, the popular social media platform Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 but kept its charm as a standalone application

According to a report, about 800 million users are registered on Instagram whereas more than 500 million users are getting online on the application daily.

Instagram lets users capture awesome photos and videos, put built-in filters and effects on them, and instantly share them on their Instagram feed where their followers can see them. Initially, using Instagram was possible only on smartphones but recently unofficial web viewers of Instagram have stepped into the market with a blast.By using these Instagram web browsers users can easily use almost all the features of Instagram mobile application on web browsers.

These online web viewers are capable of showing profiles of popular celebrities and businesses and allow users to search the trending hashtags and even posts from unknown people that are not in their following list.

Piknu is a simple yet useful Instagram web viewer whichhas recently became popular among Instagram users who prefer browsing the site through their web browsers instead of the Instagram mobile application. Following is a complete review of Piknu Instagram web browser.


Piknu is a simple yet fast Instagram web browser. It gets updated in real-time. It can be used to browse popular Instagram photos and videos, search among millions of Instagram profiles of users, and browser popular hashtags and even places.

If you are browsing Instagram though the Piknu Instagram web browser, you can also share the best photos and videos of Instagram to your Twitter account to let your Twitter followers watch them.

Piknu is also able to show some detail about the photo or video that was uploaded on Instagram including its upload date, likes, and comments on it made by users. The simple sleek user interface of Piknu makes it popular among users who prefer browsing Instagram through their laptops and personal computers with the help of an Internet browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Having a smooth design along with real-time updating, Piknu is fancied by a lot of users worldwide.


Piknu is a great web browser for Instagram when it comes to simplicity. But according to various users, Piknu misses some important features. For instance, the Piknu Instagram web browser cannot be utilized to create an Instagram account.

Further, it cannot initiate a search even with advanced search functions. However, if you want to view a particular user’s Instagram account without logging into your account, Piknu might serve as a useful tool to remain anonymous over Instagram.

You can simply view all the posts by a user whose profile is set to the public without them knowing it. Remember, Piknu or any other web browser can never show you posts from private profiles. 

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