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Instagram Hashtag Research – 2019 Guide

Instagram Hashtag Research

Instagram is a popular photo and video sharing platform with over 800+ million users registered out of which more than 500 million are daily online.

Instagram hashtags are useful to get more engagements on your Instagram posts. According to a report, a photo on Instagram with at least one hashtag averages 12.5% more engagement than the regular one. So if you are a brand page on Instagram, hashtags are what you might be looking for to engage more people to grow your brand.

Here is the ultimate guide that will let you know all about Instagram hashtags, their features, and how you can use them to grow your profile on Instagram.

Why Use Instagram Hashtags?

Using Instagram hashtags on your posts enables you to find the correct audience for your brand or profile on Instagram. Hence, by getting the correct audience, you will get more followers and more customers for your business.

Up to 30 hashtags can be written inside the caption of your post which helps in the content discovery process. In 2018, Instagram released new hashtag features and capabilities making them a strong tool for getting famous on Instagram.

Following are some highlights of Instagram hashtags:

Use Instagram Insights To Track Your Instagram Hashtag Success

If you are a business profile owner on Instagram, then you might have stumbled upon the amazing Instagram Insights feature which lets you analyze how effective your hashtags are for getting more views on your posts. This is a great technique to let you known whether or not you are using the correct hashtags for your post.

To access the insight of a photo, tap on the “view insights” option below the photo.

Know About Your Top-performing Hashtag Using

Instagram has included hashtag analytics recently which lets you measure your Instagram hashtag performance from a website known as You need to create a free account on the website to get information about your top-performing hashtags.

Follow Your Favorite Hashtags On Instagram

In 2018, Instagram added another amazing feature to the hashtag game. You can now follow hashtags to get posts in which that hashtag is mentioned. It is just like following a profile on Instagram.

This feature is extremely useful for business owners which lets them appear in the customer’s feed frequently. 

Adding Clickable Hashtags To Your Bio

Another feature that came out with the latest update is that you can now add clickable hashtags in your profile bio. Usernames can also be added in your bio for diverting users to your other pages on Instagram.

Adding Hashtags To Your Stories

Now your stories can be discovered by random people with the new feature which lets you add hashtags in your stories as well. Up to 10 hashtags can be added to your Instagram stories.

The cool thing about this feature is that your story gets searchable on the Search & Explore page on Instagram after you put a hashtag in it. It means whoever searches for the hashtag can see your story and if your story is interesting, they’ll surely start following you!

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