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Instagram Direct Messages – The Marketing Tool You Need

Instagram Direct Messages - The Marketing Tool You Need

Instagram is a great social site that can be used by all kinds of audiences for their benefit. Whether you are a teenager who likes to share their daily routine and activities with their friends or you are a business owner who wants to build and engage the audience for their business to grow, Instagram is the platform you need to get on.

Instagram has a great feature to get the conversation started which is known as Instagram Direct Messages or often termed as DM. Direct Messaging on IG is quite a useful but underrated feature of Instagram. It can let you professionally engage with your customers allowing you to send videos, audio, and photos along with text messages and links.

Here are several reasons why Instagram Direct Messages is the marketing tool you need:

Responding To Stories Via Direct Messages

Instagram stories are a useful way to interact with people on Instagram to let them know you care about them and take notice of whatever they do.

Responding regularly to the stories of your customers will allow you to build an emotional relationship with them that might prove useful when you offer them your services or products.

Providing Customer Care Service

Instagram Direct Messages can be efficiently used to provide customer care services to your customers. You can thank your customers for buying your product (this will give a good impression from your side and might serve as a reason for them to acquire your services again).

When you’ll have your business page with a lot of followers on Instagram, people themselves are going to contact you regarding the products you list on your Instagram feed. The only responsibility of yours is to give them instant replies so that they don’t get disappointed and head over to another market. You can hire customer service staff to get benefit from this feature.

Develop Relationships

Direct Messages can serve as a great tool to develop relationships with your existing and future customers. You can use Instagram Direct Messages to follow-up with new customers.

You can also connect with a group of people you met at an event and send photos from the event to let them know that you loved spending time with them. This will allow you to develop relationships with new people that can, later on, become your customers.

Rewarding Your Best Followers

Certain followers like each and everything you post whether it is interesting or not. These are special people. You should take special care of them so that they don’t leave you at some point. When they are giving you their attention, they’d love some attention from your side as well.

You can use the Direct Messages feature to privately and secretly send them a virtual birthday card with a little prize. Surprise them by sending them a behind the scenes photo. You can appreciate their actions as well by sending them a short “Thank you” message. This will never let them lose interest in your business.

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