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Tips for Getting Free Instagram Followers

Tips for Getting Free Instagram Followers

Instagram is a great platform that can be used for content marketing, selling, networking along with audience building. It’s a popular social network with about 1.6 billion likes every day which means your business or brand can gain a huge audience through Instagram in a short period.

Instagram’s engagement rate which is 4.21% is 58 times higher than Facebook’s engagement rate which is 0.1%. This proves that Instagram is the best choice to get your business recognized worldwide.

Here we have provided some tips that you can utilize to get tons of new followers and engagement on your Instagram profile.

1. Create And Promote Your Hashtag

If you are a business owner looking for ways to build an audience for your business profile, hashtags are the best choice. Create an eye-catchy hashtag for your company and promote it by getting it printed on your receipts, ads, and other relevant sources of promotion.

Let people know your hashtag so that if they share a photo of your product or service, it gets featured in other user’s newsfeeds who have followed your hashtag on Instagram.

2. Participate In Popular Conversations

Use mix hashtags on each of your posts. Make sure they are relevant to the photo or video you are about to post. For example, you can use #mechanic if you are posting a photo of your workshop or garage.

Use the most common hashtags as well so that the post appears in more people’s newsfeed. Common hashtags are #fun, #tbt, #tbh, #photooftheday and many others. You can search them for yourself on the internet.

3. Let Your Ig Bio Do The Job

Yes, it’s a good idea to use your primary website URL in your bio permanently. But a better idea is to use the URL of your latest event, post or happening. This will allow people to take more interest in your Instagram profile’s main page.

4. Remove The Unwanted Tags

You might have put your general hashtags on every photo that you post. Well, you should better put those popular hashtags of yours on the best pictures that might gain engagement and get you some followers.

To remove tags from the photos that are not of much interest or are irrelevant to your business, navigate to that particular photo and choose the “Edit tags” option. The tags can’t be removed but the photo can be hidden from your profile. Choose the “Hide from Profile” option and it will do the trick.

5. Approve The Photo Tags

Instagram lets you get in control of the tagged photos whether to let them appear in your profile or not. There might be photos that may not be of much interest to your business. You can choose whether to get displayed on your profile or not.

The option that allows you to approve a post before it appears in your profile can be found at Options> Photos of you> Add Manually. Now you are in control of the tagged photos that appear on your profile.

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