Claire Abbott Wiki, Instagram Model Case Study

Since the advent of Social media and its many outlets, there have been so many people who have used it to their benefit and rose to fame. They might not be posting anything informative, but even their personal information and pictures make them famous. A very famous example is of Claire AbbottA girl who emerged on the social media platform of Instagram in the year 2012 and quickly rose to fame. After a few years of quickly gaining followers and being famous amongst the masses, she has since disappeared. Her vanishing so secretly has been discussed greatly by fans. In that time period, so many of her fake profiles have been made on Instagram.

After Claire Abbott disappeared from the world of YouTube and Instagram everybody has been asking the same question – where did she go and why? Is she still alive or not? Her Facebook page is still there but inactive since December 2016. We have searched for information about her, and why she left all so suddenly. We will share some information about who she is, how she rose to fame, why she left and where she is now. So, if you want to know more about her we suggest you keep reading to find out.

claire abbot

Who is Claire Abbott Anyway?

So, who is Claire Abbott you may ask  Born on 22 January 1988, she is a Canadian national. By her profession, she is a musician and an Instagram model. She has shared enough details on her personal media, that it is easy to search about her. She was a cheerleader in the high school that she attended. It also shows that she attended high school and is a good student. If you scroll through her profile, you will find out that Claire is passionate about music and can play the guitar well. She majorly uploads her musical content on social media which was received very well by her audience.

Claire’s Measurements

Claire Abbott is a beautiful young lady and has a great and toned figure thanks to her cheerleading. She measures about 1.65 meters tall and has a weight of 62kgs. Her waist measures 32 inches, hips measure 35 inches and her body size is 39, 25 and 35 inches. US dress size if 4 and her shoe size is 7.5. She dresses according to her toned figure on which a lot of people pass raunchy comments and even advance on her and try to flirt with her.

Claire’s dating information

Claire never really share any pictures or posts through which we could ascertain who her boyfriend really is. In 2015, she once posted a picture with a guy named Dan Bilzerian, but it was later found out that he was just a friend she met and not her boyfriend. She then cleared so many times that right now she has got a lot on her plate. She was focusing on her career, her education and most importantly, her music due to which she could not focus on dating. She was happily single and gave her time to her passion and hobbies. It is because of this dedication that she was able to create such a large fan following of hers.

Claire’s Net Worth

Sincce 2012, Claire has worked really hard on her social media. When she reached 65,000 fans, she took some timeSinceeate a strategy and started to post in a routine manner. She gave a lot of time to her fans and her social media which paid her back a lot. She has a net worth of over 1 Million Dollars. She worked hard through day and night to create this platform for her. However, when it was time to reap all the hard work she had done, she unfortunately disappeared from social media.

How She got Famous

Claire Abbott joined Instagram’s social network in the year 2012. She attracted a lot of followers really quickly due to her beauty, her amazingly gifted lifestyle and her passion for music. On her social media account, she shared a lot of personal details about her lifestyle and her passions. Not only that, she posted a lot of her songs which were noticed by people and made them follow her on all platforms.

Since she has been gifted with beauty and charm, she has a lot of male followers and fans. Not only that, but she also has a lot of female following. She posts a lot of pictures in which she is exposing her body without shying away. Such posts and pictures have always received different types of comments. Some have appreciated her beauty while some have been controversial. Nonetheless, these pictures attracted a lot of people to her and she rose to be in the limelight. She earned the tag of a social media celebrity/influencer.

A Huge Spike in Her Followers

As Claire Abbott’s activity grew on social media, her count of fans continued to increase. When she reached to 65,000 followers, she started to make more strategies to increase her growth. She planned a lot of updates, scheduled them accordingly and worked hard. The results were improving. With each picture she shared or a post she uploaded, she kept on attracting more and more followers. Although initially, it started as a part-time hobby, it turned into a full-blown career for her which opened up so many opportunities for her in the future.

How She Extended Her Social Media

Basically, she first made a page on Facebook to start posting, then moved to Instagram. As she kept getting a positive response, she moved to   accounts on Twitter and YouTube. Since she was already famous on one platform, she quickly came into the limelight in the other social media platforms that she extended her reach to. With each video and post, she kept on attracting a lot of followers, likes, and comments.

Claire Abbott and her Personality

Claire turned from being a normal girl to an Instagram celebrity really quickly. Usually, when people reach a huge following, they stop replying to comments and think they have been endowed with great power. Their egos start to inflate. Claire has always been friendly and down to earth. She personally connects with many of her old and new followers. She is so approachable you can message her or comment and can easily expect her to reply.

Unlike others, her profile shows that she is not claiming to be someone who she is. Her videos and posts reflect her natural beauty and sweet personality. She makes you feel comfortable and a part of her. Everywhere that she had her presence, it made her followers want to live life just like her. She promoted positivity and beauty!

Even Fame Has its Cost

Since Claire Abbott was just an ordinary girl who got fame through social media, she has no experience and knowledge about how to manage this extraordinary life. Usually, celebrities face many different types of people. Some people can be rude, judgemental and you have to have a tough heart to go through all sorts of compliments. If you are not ready for it, then such popularity can be very difficult to handle.

While some people expressed genuine affections and love, there were a lot of men who had a raunchy comment about her dressing and body. Also, people made advances at her which were unsolicited. This sort of behavior can be tough to tackle no matter if you are a male or female, celebrity or not. If you do not handle it in the start, then it could quickly emerge into something big and detrimental.

So, what happened to Claire? Is she still alive?

In the year 2016 after Claire Abbott secretly disappeared from social media a lot of people suspected that maybe she died. She deactivated her account on Instagram which had so many followers. Same happened on her Twitter account. By her actions, fans were upset since she didn’t inform why is she doing so, and whether she will be back or not. Her Youtube and Facebook page are still there but inactive since 2016. These accounts are still the same as of today.

Good news – Claire is alive

So you must be speculating if she passed away or not and might even have believed what others said. But the good news is Claire Abbott is still alive. As we discussed previously, her quick incline to fame was not received by her well. Usually, when girls or even guys reach fame, it is a gradual process. Sometimes they are even managed or helped in a better way so that emotionally and mentally they stay strong. It is usually portrayed how being famous is a good thing, but in reality, it is a very difficult task to read so much negativity about you daily to the point you just want to run away. Apparently, this is what Claire did. She is a cheerleader, a simple girl with dreams and wanting to pursue them. Social media got the best of her mental health and she simply decided to quit it to have a peace of mind.

Rumors surrounding her disappearance

Till date, we only know that she is alive and well. However, there is no information about her location or where she lives currently. Her followers are devastated and they want a life update about her. They have a million questions on their mind. Like why she left, where is she now, will she come back and so on. Rumors have been circulating about why she decided to quit. Some people said that maybe her nude photos leaked online due to which she was extremely embarrassed and just decided to leave it all. Some people also say that she left social media and the Internet to properly focus on her career and music which has been her great passion.

Music Goals of Claire

Claire Abbott always shared how much she adored music and want to write her own lyrics and sing it. If you see her videos on YouTube it reveals that she is a great musician and can play the guitar well. Her future is quite bright in the music industry. One big rumor suggested that she has not deactivated her Facebook and YouTube account so she can use them to launch herself as a musician later in life. This might hold somewhat true since you can easily go viral on Facebook these days. There are so many examples of people who upload videos of their singing some songs or playing an instrument and they become viral so quickly.

Claire’s mental health struggles

In the current age of fast social media, people have been connected in ways unknown to human before. On the other hand, they have been drifting further away from each other in real life. Mental health is a stigma which is now being addressed and supported wholeheartedly. In the digital age, it is so easy for people who are ‘famous’ to fall into a deep depression and anxiety. We might not even know but people who share happy snaps and videos could be actually battling something bigger.

In one of her old posts, Claire Abbott shared how she was admitted in the hospital and was struggling with being bipolar. She also shared how she has been suffering from depression and anxiety for so many years. While so many fans supported her, many were vile and told her straight away to leave social media if she is so sick. Seems like her exceedingly fast rise was not taken by her well which ended her leaving it.

What future holds for Claire Abbott

According to predictions, Claire Abbott will soon be back with a new strategy. She started this all because of her love for music but got more fame than she planned which was difficult to handle for her. For all we know, this might be a break she could have taken from social media and focus on her career and health. We hope she will be back soon.

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