3 Trendy Gadgets That Can Help You Create Digital Content

Digital Content

Technology has greatly benefited people all around the world in their relevant fields. Modern-day researchers are striving 24/7 to get the most effective gadgets and devices to ordinary people’s reach. Similarly, technological advancement has raised a great deal of interest in the content creating market with the release of some handy gadgets that can assist any content creator with their work.

HD cameras have been invented that can shoot multiple photos in high-quality resolution without any hassle. The following are the three top gadgets that can help any content writer to get their work done nicely.

Sony a7R III

Sony a7R III is currently the favorite camera of most of the content creators due to a lot of reasons. The camera has a 42.4 megapixels mirrorless interchangeable lens with a super-fast shutter that can make all of your photos look ultra-professional with even minor photography skills. The camera is suitable for performing professional photography as well as creating great video content with its 4K video recording feature. Sony a7R III can capture multiple photos at once at 10 frames per second. Choose the best one to upload on your social media platforms to get people amazed by your photography skills. The digital camera with front end LSI image processor can be bought online through Amazon for $2498.

Mevo Plus

The second in the list of top three gadgets for digital content creating is Mevo plus. A camera that can be used to create Livestream for Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter without any hassle. It can be conveniently connected to your smartphone and can be placed on a tripod before initiating a live session. Mevo plus’s greatest advantage is that it can be remotely controlled from up to 100 feet distance and the powerful stereo microphone records all the voices in the room. The camera uses Wi-Fi without having any port for an Ethernet connection.

Hence, you need to rely on Wi-Fi during your live sessions. Although there isn’t a built-in Ethernet connection port, the company can get this arranged for you for a minor extra price. Another option that can be utilized to get the internet working on Mevo Plus is the LTE network of your smartphone. 

You can get this camera through Amazon for about $500 along with the tripod.

Shure Vp83f Shotgun Mic

The unique thing about Shure VP84F Shotgun Mic which makes it stand out of the line is the noise reduction feature. Having a good tripod is necessary but a good microphone can also never be ignored when it comes to Live social media streaming sessions.

This incredible microphone can work with most of the high-end cameras along with dedicated HD quality video cameras. It’s the best option when it comes to Facebook or YouTube live streaming. Shure is powered by AA batteries and can work for up to 10 hours of continuous use. If you are planning for a longer session, probably an outdoor one, keep some extra batteries in your pocket in case the juice gets sucked from the current ones. The microphone can be bought for about $299 from Amazon.

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